Sea of Greens Benefits

One of the Earth's greatest treasures lies beneath the seas and lakes of the world. Research has proven that the waters of our oceans contain some of the richest known sources of mineral elements. The moving forces of nature, through rain, erosion and rivers, has brought all the valuable vitamins of the earth to the sea floor.

These vast sources of nutrition may become much more important than any of us now realize. Land degradation, pollution and over farming has had a drastic affect on the soil. Most commonly, it is from the soil that we derive our minerals and vitamins from the fruits and vegetables we eat. If this food grown on land can no longer give us all the nutrients we require, we must turn to the rich vegetation of the sea, seaweed.

Sea Vegetation, the keystone of the food chain, offers us the nutrients we can no longer gain from land grown crops.

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A natural formula for Men & Women, combining: D.I.M., Quercetin and Flaxseed.

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Coral Calcium "Marine Plus"

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Prostate Miracle®

Trusted by thousands to support healthy urinary flow and prostate health.

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Diabetes Daily Care®

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vitamin d3


D-MAX provides a whopping 5,000 iu of Vitamin D3 per capsule.

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Converts ambient atmospheric water vapor into potable water.

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